Jaina Down: AotC

“The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades.”
Demetri Martin

Jaina Down: AotC


Do you ever have one of those rare really good days?

I went to the doctor yesterday, routine stuff. Every time I go, for some reason I wind myself up. “Good God, nurse! Everything inside is rotten, get this man to the hospital!” or I imagine myself negotiating for two more years of life. Or I get snotty, “Tell me, doc, when did it go from First, Do No Harm to Life at Every Cost?”

But, I got news like, “You barely need blood pressure medicine, we’ll give you the minimum dose to make sure” and “Just keep walking you have been and you’ll be fine”.

So, I was super happy yesterday afternoon. No bad news at all. In fact, it was kind of encouraging; I’m doing okay.

Last night, fourteen players showed up.

We had goodies like the new greater cauldron and greater potions and vantus runes. We were cheerful and each of us talked about if our Dad taught us to hit a baseball. Loose, relaxed; gathered to play.

And, we killed Jaina on the fifth pull. It was a classic squeaker with one last guy barely alive tinking at that last one percent while we all thought that we were doomed on our best pull.


I used the Suggestion Box to apologize to the designers for all the terrible things that I’ve said about them.

Done and done. Ready for the new raid!


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