Mechagon Revered

“With sixty staring me in the face, I have developed inflammation of the sentence structure and definite hardening of the paragraphs.”
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Mechagon Revered

I got to revered yesterday and since reset has not happened yet, in WoW terms it is still today.

Two recipes from the Quartermaster give a pretty nice power boost. You can upgrade the ring/trinket blueprint on the big robot to make 420 stuff that can warforge. You can buy a red punch card that makes the trinket “on use”.


The trinket is pretty nice. The material that keeps you from mass-producing is the Galvanic Oscillator of which you need seven. Chances are you have enough to make one. Because you have the punch card trinket in the other slot, from now on you’ll be rolling the dice for rings. They are uniques, so only one of one type.

You get the Galvanic thing from the WQ daily or a chance in the mechanical treasure chests. It is nice to see a reason to visit them after years of junk. Currently I have six and will go a-hunting after reset and hope!


The punch card upgrade is pretty strong and I think that it is worth it. It is a channeled spell, so a mere knockback can negate your saved two minute cooldown.

NB: it takes ten Galvanics to buy the rank 2 essence. If that is your go-to thing, consider that.

4 thoughts on “Mechagon Revered

  1. So from what I hear the punchcard upgrade is currently possibly bugged in that while yes it is a channel, you can move and cast other spells and abilities while it is channeling. So probably even more worth the upgrade at the moment since it’s basically just free damage.

    Note: haven’t tested this myself yet so possible it has been changed, don’t really need the Mechagon trinket myself at the moment.

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