Season Three

“Occasionally, I have to think like myself to remember where I put something.”
Susan L. Taylor

Season Three

Tomorrow everything opens; new pvp season, new mythic plus season, new dungeon and new raid. Maybe the new pet dungeon too? I’ve not hunted all that down yet.

Are the raiders ready? Not really. The Feast is a bitter disappointment: it takes three spare crates to make one and rank two is at exalted and it only gives 113 to your main stat. Blizzard needs some real strong direction on professions, especially consumables.

Herbing is a little bit tough. They are spread really far apart, it is unusual to see two nodes on your mini-map. I think they should fix this. More nodes so I don’t spend all my time doing that instead of playing.

And I need to catch up on the mini-things like the Murloc trading game, the quest lines for the mount, unlocking the blueprints. Beyond the new digital mechagon hearthstone, I don’t see anything that I want to really shoot for.

My benthic pants are maxed at 420. I am starting now on the cape which promises an occasional fish when I loot stuff. I dunno about these odd bonuses. I believe that the normal raid drops 415 gear, so benthic is a nice filler for the moment.

I guess that if I have benthic pants at 410 and get a loot drop at 415 that I’ll save the pants to keep upgrading them? That can’t be right, can it?

3 thoughts on “Season Three

  1. I’m hoping for world bosses. I get what you mean about professions. I have not looked fully into it but I’m suspecting I will need 225 mana pearls to get all 3 Abyssal things unlocked to craft a 420 piece. The Expulsum is another problem but I can at least maybe get them from scrapping

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