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“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”
Mark Twain

Raiding Raiding

It’s week one of the raid and I finally got in. We downed two bosses which is nothing like everyone else who seems to have gone deep in the raid. I am happy with our progress.

Lots of water.

This is a nice change of scenery and I don’t have a naga-tive review. It is fun. I imagine that after a while that we will want some sunlight.

After the raid, I partied up with two guildies and went back to catch the battle pets. It is after the second boss, you jump down a waterfall and find a rare Blackchasm Crawler.

The other two found-only-in-raid are the Trench Slug and the Chitterspine Deepstalker. The Trench Slug was a back line pet that was caged and the Chitterspine Deepstalker was found down the hallway — bunches of them, easily done.

Now for the pet drops from the raid bosses. I am quite sure that they’ll be on the AH as well.

Yay! Raiding Season has begun!


7 thoughts on “Back to Raiding

  1. To really put the state of raiding into perspective on my small connected server. Here are the raiding guilds totals this expansion.

    Uldir – 53 guilds
    Battle of Dalazor – 43
    Crucible of Storms – 21
    Eternal Palace – 7

    Granted, we are still only in the first week. But I don’t know what’s happening. I mean going back to Tier 17 when we had 107 guild raiding, there has been a steady decline.

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      • I think we are picking up a person here and there who may have raided in the past but their guild died, or they’ve done LFR in the past and want to try more. But so many just lose interest after 3-4 weeks getting through even Normal. Heroic taking months is soul breaking.

        We were briefly talking about doing the Warfront on Heroic as a guild group since you need 10-20 as a premade group. I think it’s 425 gear drops. If you figure 20, you could do two 10 mans with 2 tanks 2 heals each and split the battleground.

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  2. Here’s a thought since you probably understand the phrase better than most,

    Leave them hanging

    Has WoW become the last season of Seinfeld? Did they try to push it just one too far? Was the more positive response to Legion tempting enough to just keep going?

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  3. Our guild had a huge raid since we just merged with another one, so we had 23 people on and went 5/8 in two hours in Normal. It felt pretty fun! – but definitely undertuned, although our raid might be an outlier (our average item level rolling in was around 408+). Made me happy and then sad when we refreshed Wowprogress and found ourselves number 2! – out of 3 guilds. Haven’t looked at the other tiers as much but many of the top end guilds have dropped numbers and it seems like there are no longer serious mythic guilds on my server at all, which is disappointing since we used to be a hotbed for the high-end back in the day.

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