Ever the Rep Grind

“Hell is truth seen too late.”
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

Ever the Rep Grind

Another night of raiding. Good stuff, I got a trinket that occasionally procs a leviathan who leaps out of the water onto my enemy. Now that is pretty fun, I wonder if I’m the only one who can see it.

Because of the time allowance for raiding, I’m trying to figure out how to best spend my play time when I want to do the rep grind but minimally. Hitting the hot spots, so to speak and logging off.

On Mechagon, it is the daily World Quest. Whether it is collecting six mechanical chests or killing three rares or filling the bar (by collecting chests first), this quest gives a whopping 850 rep. On my time-stressed days, this is it.

On Nazjatar, it can be confusing to me and I need to pay better attention. It is the Follower stuff that needs to be done because that is the progression through the zone. On some days I see the blue exclamations marks but I think it might be the bounty too? Today at reset I’ll try to sift through that better.

It can take me two or three hours to do “all the stuff”. Happily I don’t raid every night and can spend off days logging in for a bit of play and then again later in the afternoon when it is too darned hot outside.

I see sites like Blizzard Watch highlighting specific rep choices, it is “a thing”.

How are you dealing with the huge amount of things that take time?


7 thoughts on “Ever the Rep Grind

  1. Blue marks are easy: the ones at your camp our bounties, the ones in hostile Nazjatar are follower quests (follower quests are always 3 per day).

    It takes a daily round of three quests to ding a follower, so this content is calculated for 3 months: 3 followers x 30 levels.

    I’m scooping everything in Nazjatar for Micromantica daily (except for pet battles and jellyfish jumping) and I’m scooping everything in Mechagon daily for Pins – including Rustfeather and the quests that don’t have leads. You can find them not just in camp, but in other areas too, so I rake all Mechagon from top to bottom. If I have time left, it’s other alts flying and doing stuff in Nazjatar.

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  2. I am currently about a quarter of the way from Honored to Revered with the Unshackled, and I’m about 2/3rds done with the “get 3000 XP for your Kelfin buddies” quest.

    I prioritize my Kelfin buddy’s quests, because that’s the gate on the zone story questchain. I do those, plus whatever Mardivas puzzle chests are up, and whatever WQs I pass through on the way to my Kelfin buddy’s quests and the Mardivas puzzle chests. I don’t try to do all the WQs in the zone. Although I pick up the Requisition and Bounty quests, I mostly ignore them because even with the nerfs, I rarely manage to complete them “as I go along” while doing my higher priority objectives, and I don’t ever feel like running around the zone looking for those things after I’ve completed my higher priority objectives. I’ve picked up an Unshackled Contract, so I’ve been doing the Zandalar Emissaries again, too — if I feel like I have the time and energy.

    I’ll figure out a Mechagon routine when I get there, after I’ve reached Revered in Nazjatar.

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  3. I’m seeing here that the Follower quests go on endlessly. I’m gonna die, literally, because they’re so annoying. I do tend to grab my Follower first thing and try to get to his quests. I don’t see why he couldn’t just gain some xp as we float along and get bigger chunks for the specific quests. This is just Nazjatar, not Mechagon.

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