The Failure of Bring the Class

“As long as you’re in the food business, why not make sweets?”
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The Failure of Bring the Class

There is nothing inherently wrong with the idea of “bring the class, not the player”. If the game can be designed so certain classes in certain situations can shine but not be mandatory necessary, then it is a fine idea.

Where Blizzard and Ion blew it was with the Uldir raid. It was the first raid of the expansion and the need for holy priests and warlocks was obvious. The message was sent and we heard it.

So, I’m not playing my preferred class, a hunter. I am playing a warlock badly and there has been no time for me to shine. My guild leader plays a feral druid but you would see her on her holy priest today.

I’d be very curious to learn how many players thought that they were changing over to the class du expansion and changed! And, like me, are not very happy playing.

The failure was in the messaging. Ion boldly strutting out his views on the best way to approach the game early on sent the raiders and the mythic dungeon guys scrambling.

My hunter has a /played of 390 days, 8 hours, 52 minutes and 23 seconds. That is a lot of playing time on a WoW subscription. My hunter is only 114 and is sitting in Dalaran. That is depressing! He is not being played now.

I am mixed. I really wish I could show up on my hunter and be competent. But, it was my choice to change to a warlock. There is good in being the only warlock in the raid with the summoning portal and the health cookies and the gateway; bringing utility has a lot of upsides.

I’ve said it before, discovery in a game is wonderful, evolution as we slowly and belatedly get the design: sucks. It is rough on the raiding scene, I think.

I wonder how much playing time I’d have to invest to get my hunter up to raiding level? About an item level of 410, I think. The hardest part would be 114 to 120.

Again, there is nothing wrong except for the messages sent.

2 thoughts on “The Failure of Bring the Class

  1. In my case it’s been two expansions playing a design style that I just can’t get. It’s overly complex, gear dependent, and punishing if you slip up. When I read officer chat and see discussions on the person that’s under the tanks DPS, and they are hitting an enrage timer due to low DPS, I ask my wife, so what are the tanks at, I think it was around 20k, and this person was around 17-18k. And then I look at my numbers on a stand and nuke world boss, food flask, and raid buffs only doing 16k. Just makes me not want to even log in. I think I’m around 408. Haven’t hit 52 on the necklace. Going to say it now, if the Shadowpriest design doesn’t get a rework for the next expansion, I don’t think you will find me in the game any longer. 4 years is to long to play when you can only perform at 75%

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