Heroic Warfront: Stromgarde

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
Anton Chekhov

Heroic Warfront

Last night we tried the Heroic Warfront for Stromgarde for the first time. And it was fun. It has been a long time since I’ve heard such excited chatter on Discord. In fact, we ran it again on other characters.

Here’s the deal, we know the zone really well. Most of us have run this many times. The key, of course, is to turn the tide in your favor just like in any war.

When we landed, we had to kill the bad guy in our castle like always. Then we split groups to start the wood and iron task. Then we all had to race back to our castle to fight the Commander.

I believe that this is the make or break point in the encounter and it is plenty early. The Commander is tough! Like always, you knock off all of the adds, especially the witch doctor healers, then focus on the Commander who bails at about 60%. You’ll meet him again at the very end of the experience.

Investing your resources early makes a difference! Building up armor quality and troops and buildings is important. We sent only a few to gather, the bulk of us began taking the towns.

The design is very well done. You can feel the momentum shift in your favor. You can get “bristling power” to jack up your healing and dps by 40%. Dying is okay, you respawn back in town and can spend your built up resources and then ride back to the fights.

The loot is 430 and can forge up. I got pants replacing (this is depressing) my hard-earned 425 manapearl pants. They should scrap back at least 50 manapearls in my opinion. A hunter got a 440 gun that sent whoops and cheers through discord, the guild and a shout to her husband in the other room.

So, this can be done. It is not crazy hard. It really was fun and exciting with plenty of chatter and “I’ve got you!” heals and tanks and aggro. The mayhem of enemy troops showing up is a good challenge.

Best of all, we had some smart players who understood the zone. They knew how to pick up a giant elemental to bring along to the battle, for example. That was a nice addition to the fun pack.

It works. I recommend it. Go find some people and give it a run.

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