Raid Fishing

“Wherever the fish are, that’s where we go.”
Richard Wagner

Raid Fishing

Satisfaction! The Hyper-Compressed Ocean does work in a raid. The little ego trip was a success and everyone was impressed.


The toy has pros and cons.

You receive fish from every expansion which is a strain on the bag space. I wish that they’d keep it to the zone that it was cast.

You can catch Secret Fish without the goggles. You can fish up things like a Pepe Bobber Crate toy. I’d guess that anything that can be fished up in the game in is in this portable ocean.

Since you click on it instead of a traditional cast, you can fish with your back turned — that is a little fun.


4 thoughts on “Raid Fishing

  1. This is a toy worth getting then, nice 🙂 in your previous post you talked about toys restricted by Blizzard, they are conservative when it comes to what they allow or don’t allow, usually they don’t allow stuff then they allow it after years of people asking them to do so … like using silly items for transmog, a rolling pin or frying pan, just in 8.2 they allowed these items to be used in transmog.

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