Out and About in WoW

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures.”

Out and About in WoW

Letting things like Timewalking and the Island Expeditions fall to the wayside might be a sign of apathy. There is a lot of everyday stuff to play in WoW. Maybe the rewards don’t have a good lure or bait.

Time Spent in WoW is everything. To worry about falling behind is useless. My guild master can blow off weeks of WoW and still out-heal me.

What is nice is the growing feeling of strength. Whether it is a stronger follower or the oomph of an essence spell, it is nice to be a little cocky in current content.

With the Benthic account-wide gear, it is time to look at leveling my favorite character: the hunter. Flying while leveling is great and it is nice to play the opening stuff now that all of the bugs have been fixed.

The two raid teams are in the same spot. Rolling through the first six bosses takes about three casual hours. The second day of raiding, tonight and Sunday, will find us facing boss seven for the night. And then: the Queen.

Projects are something to “go for” and it adds fun to WoW. Earning the Hyper-Compressed Ocean was a good project. Eleven unique pets from one thousand has temptation written all over it. Then maybe it will be time to shoo a murloc or seven.

Relax, it will be a long time in the patch. Pick and choose the fun to chase.

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