Watching the WoW World First Race

“Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.”
Jesse Owens

Watching the WoW World First Race

I have to feel some sympathy for these guys. There is a hotfix going out today to fix a berserk timer on the adds. So, maybe the fight can now be won.

But, the first guys to arrive at this fight now have a lot of company. I think there might be seven teams who are all at this new starting line. So, after all this stuff, it comes down to the final push which has now lost it’s thrill.

You’d think that because I’m from the US that I’d be for the US team but I’m not. I’m for Method all the way!

Anyways, it has got to be rough on these racers who have put in hours of skill and talent to see a hot fix come out and see many teams at the same new starting line with the goal within sight.

Who will win?

4 thoughts on “Watching the WoW World First Race

  1. Personal opinion is they should hold off on major tuning until they are done. If internal testing was able to complete it, the professional gamers should be too. After it’s over? Tune away.

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      • I would not be surprised if they want the race to take a certain amount of days min/max, and if it’s looking like viewers will start dropping off waiting for the big finish, they will tweak things to make it more exciting.

        It makes for good theater

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  2. I spent a lot of time watching the streams for World First and I’m still a huge Method fan and have always been that way. Love their strats and the personalities of the team are all showcased at some time or other. Good going for Method this year – Limit will get there one day and we’ll root for them too.

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