One Long Achievement

“All I do when I write scripts is think about food: ‘Have I worked long enough to justify a walk to the kitchen?'”
Nora Ephron

One Long Achievement

I got a whisper yesterday from a player in my guild. “You cleared Mechagon this week?” and I said yes. “There are battle pets that can only be found in the dungeon”.

So, I re-entered the dungeon which put me at the last boss but the zone is cleared. I turned on Track Pets for the first time since this current patch had dropped. And picked up the four available.

Now there were 998 unique pets. One trip outside of the dungeon in Mechagon brought this Achievement:


That is a a lot of pet taming spanning many expansions! Late in 8.1.5 there were dreams and trips to odd places like the Timeless Isles to pick up some lost strays. But the reality was a bunch of new ones in this current patch to bring it on home.

The reward is a pet. Hearthy.

In our guild, we swap exalted with exhausted as in “I am exhausted with Mechagon.”

I think I missed something on the big push to revered for flying. I am exhausted with Nazjatar and I don’t know what I’m doing there. My guess is that I missed some story-line about what we are doing and the need to keep coming back. Maybe we are building up resources by collecting starfish to feed our army.

I get that we level followers to be strong. And we collect manapearls to get strong or buy stuff. There is a paragon cache somewhere down the line. But why? The mobs are pathing and not amassing.

When reading Book of Jen and specifically the article on the Sylverian Dreamer that I decided to go for it.


It is a pretty mount!

And, for me, why not? I know that I’ll be playing in six months.

What I didn’t know was that I was changing my subscription practice to a six month renewal until afterwards.

sevenmonths billing

This was no con job on the part of Blizzard. This was me expecting a one-time thing and that I’d swing back to monthly. I didn’t read the print because I was, uh, “going for it!”.

This week, on Normal, we got some pulls in on The Queen. I’d expect that we will down her this or next week and swing over to the Heroic version of the raid.

Happy Reset Day!

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