Fresh 120

“Reputation is rarely proportioned to virtue.”
Saint Francis de Sales

Fresh 120

If you have a lazy 110 sitting about, level that hardy soul up to 120 and enjoy a ton of boosts and catch-ups. It is a lot of fun.

My hunter dinged 120 and stepped into a Benthic set. I had earned and saved enough pieces to be choosy and picked the 3% Crit boots, for example.

I did the three emissary quests, opened Nazjatar and earned my socket in the neck piece. I went from neck level 6 to 35 is such a short period of time that I do feel powerful.

Watching the AP bar blow up might make you laugh out loud.

My rings and trinks are still at 210. That should be remedied soon via WQs. The big step is to rise up enough to do the LFR on the current raid.


But then what? The two rep grinds seem daunting. Collecting blueprints seems kind of silly with my main light-years ahead and the achievements are steps away.

Currently I have no plan for this guy and I don’t want him to be a time-sink in WoW.

Maybe I’ll just goof around.

But, the initial steps were very fun and if you get a chance, go for it!


2 thoughts on “Fresh 120

  1. I don’t really hold it against BFA that alt gameplay feels a bit daunting past a certain point, I’ve felt that every expansion. Most of the time, my alts ding the level cap at the time at least a patch deep into the expansion, meaning that while I can make them gear-competitive (although not with my heroic-raiding main), I’ll never feel like they’ve fully caught up. Even in Legion, doing the 36/36 mage tower and full class mount acquisition, I only really put the focus into alts once my main was effectively, outside of raiding, “done” with the expansion.

    I fully expect that to repeat here – when 8.3.5 has been out for a while, I imagine I might actually feel a desire to re-run Nazjatar and Mechagon on at least one, and maybe even all of my alts!

    Definitely agree on the catchup though – I feel like the stock UI does the Azerite power animation better since you can watch the animation of the bar filling and cycling as you gain a handful of levels. I use ElvUI so it just pops to the correct percentage for the current level and if I don’t read the toast notification, I might not know how many levels I just gained!

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