Classic Naming

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Lily Tomlin

Classic Naming

Yep, like everyone else we had to go get our names. On Discord there was a lot of chat about the dungeons and raids in Classic but I have zero intention of ever getting that far. Or trying anything so demanding and frustrating. No thanks.

However, I do have little plans, modest plans, vague plans to see some of WoW in it’s Classic version. Specifically I’d like to try hunter now that I know how to play hunter instead of the monster learning curve that I had when I started.

And, I have great memories of playing feral druid with prowl and pounce and all. It was fun to play. I was fast!

So, I have a hunter and a druid reserved. Both male and night elves.

Finding the cookie cutter talent trees should not be too hard.

My hunter plan is to start with a cat at level ten. Then when I hit twenty to go get a scorpion pet in The Barrens. Then when I ding thirty, to go find a tanking turtle somewhere. And then rotate three pets and keep them leveling with me. The cat would be a for a dungeon experience, the scorpion for pvp (and stacking poison!) and a turtle for questing about.

If I ever get that far.

I’m glad that they are doing it. And I’m glad that there is a Blizzard choice of something that I’ve paid for already to go do when I am absolutely sick and tired of our current game.

2 thoughts on “Classic Naming

  1. It sounds as if you have plans and dreams to go further than you may think! I found in the stress tests that there were so many things to consider in creating and playing your character, more than I imagined. It will be fun, and there’s that great thing, if you weary of it, you can switch to the very different lives of your present day characters, then go back in with a new plan, and even better plan.
    Also! Your amazing big wheel riding toy in the last post! I want one! I can see why you’d camp out the guy to get him.

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