WoW: Faction Tagging

“If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.”
Katharine Hepburn

WoW: Faction Tagging

In general, I think that Blizzard has gotten pretty good on their choices on which mobs can be tagged by a player and it becomes exclusive to that faction. The mobs around a boss are okay as long as long as the boss can be shared.


In Legion there were some world quest mobs that would faction tag and that was super annoying when waiting for a spawn and missing the tag over and over again.

I remember that, for Legion, I made a macro and added to the list the name of the mob as time went on.


So, that macro would cover many different world quests with specific mob names. I’d spam that button hoping my insta-cast would tag it.

We don’t see that much in BfA because it was bad game play. A single player can troll a large group of the opposite faction out of spite or pettiness.

So far there is only one spot that faction tagging drives me nuts. It is on Mechagon and in the screenshot above. You know the spot, you can do a daily turn of of 30 springs and some other stuff.

Sometimes there are plenty of people there, like at the beginning of a patch, and there is a grand AoE fest of both sides dragging mobs to share damages.

But, when it is just two players, for me, it is hopeless. It is a designed farm spot but the mobs are not plentiful like, say, the quillrats for meaty haunch drops. I guess that I’m not aggressive enough to compete for such a small reward.

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