The Queen is Down

“It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.”
Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is Down

We had to learn phase four last night. The time between pulls was pretty long because we talked about what was what. A player who had never been targeted by the spear might get that job this time. That kind of thing.


So, Normal is done and we got the achievement and we won’t return unless it is an achievement run on the bosses when we way out-gear it.

Blizzard, in my opinion, makes some great cut-scenes. After the kill, the footage rolls, so to speak but I wanted to save it and savor it for a quieter time. But that is just me, I know that.

If I record a movie and can see a really delicious ending coming, I might stop the flick and sit in that state of “endness” until the next day. When I read the Time Travelers Wife, years ago, it took me two days to read the last ten pages. I’d read a paragraph and then put it down and go make lunch.

I love the satisfaction of a good ending and don’t want it to be over too soon. At the theater, I watch a movie all the way through the credits until they turn the house lights on to clean up. Last one out, every time.

I am satisfied. This raid team will now flip to Heroic and blah, blah, AotC. But my job is complete. I was tasked with dealing with the Queen and I’ve done that!

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