Level Five: Genius Classic WoW

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Level Five: Genius Classic WoW

I dinged five today and went to Dolanaar. Now things get busy. I picked up skinning and finally found a skinning knife. I have cooking and need to farm up some owl’s eggs. There is a lot to do and I know once I hit ten that there will be even more.

All the above point to player progression. There are things that I can do to make me stronger and more confident. Having leveled a character before, I know how good and important it is to have things like food to make the game go smoother.

It was in Mists of Pandaria when the designer’s said that they were surprised at how far a player will go to fill a bar. The complaint was the volume of dailies. The designers said that they were optional. The players disagreed totally and strove to fill those bars.

Today when I logged into my 120 with almost 430 gear, that AP bar is so blatant and obvious that I’m offended. The designers learned about filling the bar and they put one in our game right in front of our noses as if we were no smarter than a donkey chasing a carrot.

The things that improve my player power I ignore. I might have a stack of buff food and potions and flasks but I’d not use them. Why bother? They don’t give enough. This is very opposite of Classic where it is necessary to do these things, especially if you have (or will have!) a hunter pet who lives for cooked food.

Seeing that AP bar this morning, I sighed. How uninspired our designers are! Sure, they are great with fillers like achieves and tmog pieces and toys but, candidly, those are fillers when it comes to the most important part of playing and that is player progression.

Even though Classic is a heap-load slower, I have an eagerness to get in there and be just a little bit stronger. When my main dinged 62 on her neckpiece today, it was only a hassle to visit the forge and increase my stamina by 3%.

Let us all hope that our designers take an interest in Classic and pick up some ideas on what made the original so exciting to play. Then you’d come home eager* to log in because you had a plan of things to get done!


*Now don’t get me wrong. I love playing our current game. Tonight is raid night!

2 thoughts on “Level Five: Genius Classic WoW

  1. I understand, cooking and fishing, need to get started on those pronto. I stick on my toolbar every single thing that drops that helps in a fight in any way. I got some claw thing in the Elf area, I’ve never used it before, but it does help! In the Human area, a bag of marbles, some candles, anything helps! It is so different to find that there really are treasures everywhere (including actual chests!). There’s just so much strategy to everything.

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  2. All the skills and professions are based on your effort, i think this is important, there is no RNG, you want to level a new weapon you have to use it, you need to craft a piece of armor you have to collect materials for it, in the end you feel like you achieved something, that is different than the RNG based MMOs.

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