Classic WoW: The Buffs

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
Oscar Wilde

Classic WoW: The Buffs

Progress Report: I am level eight and was too broke to post anything on the Auction House. Really broke. That had to change so I am a skinner now. Some small income would be great even for a linen bag or two.

I play with my bags open to track how full they are because of how small everything is. This must improve and skinning and the AH is my solution.


The very first thing that endeared me to WoW during the Burning Crusade was the players can gift others with a buff. As you can see, I had several including the forgotten thorns!

It makes me feel good when I am granted a buff or that I can buff others. There is a generosity about it. In this low zone, it is not unusual to toss an arrow at a mob when another player is in melee and struggling along. I see others do it all of the time.

And, we cancelled our raid last night. Too few players and we didn’t want to pug people in. So, I played Classic after a forty-five minute queue time. This is crazy, man.

2 thoughts on “Classic WoW: The Buffs

  1. On my server people are handing out 6 slot bags for free if you have mats, and 2s if you don’t. I’ve leveled my Tailoring high enough to make them, and I’ve sent a few for free to people in guild.

    I’m not playing with a lot of add on programs, but Inventorian is pretty nice to have. It opens all of your bags into one window. Makes sorting things to keep easy.

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