The Break to Classic

“A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.”
Gertrude Stein

The Break to Classic

Our raid team in the guild is now officially on hiatus, probably for a month or until people begin expressing interest again. Having always raided, this can make one worry.

We are assuming that the zeal for Classic will fade and the desire to play BfA will return but what if it doesn’t? What if people play deep into Classic and get tired of it and then BfA seems a burden with its daily demands to sustain a character?

What I like about my Classic experience is that I just don’t give a damn, my dear. There is no urge to excel on any level or to impress anyone with my mad skills. My character is a tiny bit stuck with quests to run to Ashenvale but I’m level sixteen.


In Classic, the travel is a burden. We know that. We have the Numb Lock key and a dazed slouch in our chair. I hope that the next expansion has a ton of real estate to explore. These big zones are cool.

One reason our raid team lost steam is Lady Ashvane on Heroic. It is a hardy dps and healing check and the design is that we’d down the first three bosses over and over until we are geared enough. Those three are not enough to fill two nights of raiding.

I can’t tell our players what to do but getting our neck pieces to 65 during our hiatus would make all the difference when we return to group play. But, I understand, this may be the death of guild raids for me.

The Killsaw toy drop is awesome. For a hunter, it replaced their weapon with a gun that has moving pistons on it and a cog-plate on the player’s back.


For other players, it is circular saw blades spinning sparks in the hands.


It is pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “The Break to Classic

  1. Yes, I am worried that Classic may be the final death knell for our raid team, too. We finally managed to eke out AotC for Crucible at the 11th hour, two days before the window closed, but it was a struggle. We are currently stuck on Za’qul, and while we may possibly down him tonight, I hold out little hope for Azshara. Our healers are fickle in their attendance, and our only recourse when one or more does not show is to have one of our top DPS types move to healing offspec. Rob Peter to pay Paul in other words.

    Classic has been a mixed bag for our retail game so far. On the one hand, we have had a couple people pretty much drop out of BFA to play Classic, but on the other hand it has brought some longtime absent ones back. They heard about Classic, came back to play it, then got interested in renewing their participation in BFA. Unfortunately, the cost to gear up for Heroic raiding is very steep in terms of time and “grind” — it takes weeks for the average player. So when we lose a raider to Classic, even if a new guildie returns to the game and wants to raid, it is a net loss for a significant period of time.

    We are currently carrying at least 3 raiders in our progression runs in an attempt to get them up to speed, but that is typically 25% of the team size, and it has a pretty drastic effect on our ability to actually progress on the harder bosses. And of course the longer it takes us to down the progression boss, the more people get discouraged and find flaky reasons to call out, resulting in it taking even longer to down the boss, et cetera in a downward spiral…

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