Classic Misadventures

“I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good sneeze.”
D. H. Lawrence

Classic Misadventures

Last night three of us showed up in Discord. One left to go to bed since we didn’t have enough for mythic plus. So, we decided to flip to Classic and quest together. Both around 20 and at the tail end of Darkshore.

It was fun. I can not think of the last time I quested with someone, maybe Cataclysm? Long, long time ago, for sure. We did some of the harder quests like the escort quests and even went into the danger zone of Ashenvale and did a level 24 quest for a ring. I really enjoyed it.

I’ve been a Skinner since level 10. And undecided on my second profession. My questing partner suggested Leather Working, so why not? I followed a guide and leveled a bunch up and then farmed this morning and leveled up, mostly making the same thing and vendoring. Until I realized that the last things that I was vendoring, I could have used! It would have been an upgrade to actually wear a crafted piece. Imagine my surprise.

The guide made me laugh. “Make 40 of these leather belts and save them to make the next recipe.” Ha … 40 slots of bag space. Not even in my bank.

So, I’m level 20 and 40 is when you get a mount. It costs 100 gold but less if I have the Darnassus reputation to exalted. So, 90 gold. I’m level 20 and I have 2 gold. I need to find something that sells just like everyone else who is trying to sell leather or LW goods or cooked fish. I’m willing to farm but so is everyone else.

I’d hate to go back and reset everything. As always, the gold maker is herbalism/alchemy. Players are using potions and flasks and buff items a lot. Ah – Classic.



8 thoughts on “Classic Misadventures

  1. I do think you can swim to Gadgetzan. At some point my sister did it, then I tried it. I don’t know how the economies will work out on the Classic servers, but I’d think it will settle into a reliable market pattern soon enough. I love how there are all these strategies for advancing both in character and in crafts. And finding good fishing spots!

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  2. Who’d’ve thought that bag space would be the real leveling boss eh? I had a similar problem with tailoring and enchanting – especially when I discovered that there is no vellum for enchants – and you have to semi-trade the person to enchant their gear. Definitely not the profession for the socially anxious XD. I ended up rerolling to a druid, and taking herbalism and skinning to level 15 – then dropped skinning for alchemy – made a nice income from all the skinning up to that point – but I started needing the alchemy between mobs to not die. Ahh lol, just classic things 🙂

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  3. You’ve probably figured this out by now, but you only need Honored for the 10% discount on purchases from a specific faction, so if you are a Night Elf getting Honored with Darnassus would suffice. For the city factions, you only need Exalted if you want to buy a mount that is not for your race, say a Human wanting to buy a Nightsaber would need Exalted with Darnassus.

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