WoW Classic: Hunter Running

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

WoW Classic: Hunter Running

This story is not as good as Walking for Adventures but I think it reflects well on our experiences in Classic WoW. Because of the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the game play, we welcome some long drawn out experiences.

For the Video Game Tourist it was an epic questline through zones and dungeons to get a weapon. For me, it was much more simple: I wanted a scorpid pet.

I had planned long before. My goal was a Cat, Turtle and Scorpion. I dinged 24 and began to worry that I’d be too high to make a level 20-21 pet not be a nightmare to level up. The desired pet is in the Barrens.

So, I was thinking hard about a Hell Run down through Stranglethorn Vale. Booty Bay is the only place to learn Expert Fishing. But, it turned out to be much easier. I was questing in Stonetalon Mountains. And the map “looks” like it can funnel me into the Barrens.

So, I ran, ran, ran to find out. My memory was some nasty barriers at the zone shift. There was nothing quite so bad but there are two different places that you could stumble into skull guard and get flagged PvP. I ran, ran, ran around them. Safely! I was astonished.

Now I ran to Ratchet avoiding The Crossroads. I know that place.

Picking up the flight path, I was a bit smug. Even if I failed, I could come back. I found the stable guy up on the hill. And ran petless(!) for fifteen minutes down the Southern Gold Coast road.

Piece of cake. Aspect of the Monkey and a Freeze Trap over to the side away from the pathing guys and I got my Scorpion! Cats and Scorpions eat meat and I had stacks of cooked bear meat. Whew!

I ran back to Ratchet and took the boat to Booty Bay.

I bought expert fishing and picked up the flight path.

I felt like a player!

Now, in addition to questing and farming, I have to nurture this new pet up and make him loyal to me and get him up to my level. Fun challenges ahead!

5 thoughts on “WoW Classic: Hunter Running

  1. I marvel at the adventures everyone is having, traversing the entire world for a personal goal. Being able to accomplish these goals takes knowledge of the game world, both new and old. It reminds me of the kinds of strategies you’d employ in a single player game that you’ve played through at least once, you know where to go and how to get there, but monsters galore are in your path, requiring care so you don’t die in an inconvenient place.
    My Hunter still isn’t at pet level, but your story makes me want to move her along!

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    • You nailed it; it is like a single player game that we’ve played through. I’m only 25 but know I’ll pick tribal leatherworking at 40 and eventually farm in un’goro crater.
      If it wasn’t for the gold needed for mounts, I’d be a happy player! That gold pressure is intense for my player pride.


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