Fishing Up a Little Gold

Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.
Dave Barry

Fishing Gold

I’m not sure exactly what happened with the hotfix two days ago.

WoW Classic
Players can again receive loot when fishing in ocean waters.

I’ve been fishing the shores of Dustwallow. I’ve seen level 21s running up and down the coast. It is a double-bonus if you have skinning because players want the turtle meat and leave the shells behind. It is a triple-bonus if you have Leatherworking because the turtle scales are needed (about a month from now!) when I reach Tanaris at level 40.


Yesterday morning, after the hot fix, I found more pools than before and more junk pools. The junk pools offer up crates which give prizes. The bolts of mageweave were the big sellers but health pots, mana pots and other stuff sold too. Even the rum!

I’m also selling the Oily Blackmouth and the Firefin Snapper. But those junk pools give me joy.

There are a ton of profession guides out there but I endorse wow-professions. Clean and easy to follow.

Bonus Tip: the open waters will give up Raw Spotted Yellowtail. You will want 65 of these (about a month from now) to help max out cooking.

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