“I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.”
Frida Kahlo


The title works if you say it out loud, it looks dumb.

There is so much to do in this game!

My BfA time has fallen off, the raid teams have turned into smoke and floated away. My feeling is that if no one else is doing it, why should I. Still, I do my emissary everyday. And I’ll start the Bee Mount rep grind on Sunday, I think.

I’m so broke in Classic that in BfA I bought the big gold sink mount. I still have 1.4 million gold left over. It was impulsive because I don’t dare touch my carefully stacked gold pieces in Classic.


My next push for Classic is 35. My professions are capped at 225 and it is frustrating not to progress on them. Cooking will be a challenge with the mob-drops for the quest living at 42ish. I’ll bribe my buddy with some raptor meat to get him up in cooking and maybe we’ll tackle it together in our mid-30s.


Does my pet keep getting bigger?

In my tepid opinion, I think the Brewfest hearthstone is a bust. You get a hat and dance in a puddle of beer. At least we should throw mugs or steins. Maybe I need to give it another look.


I liked the changes to Brewfest but they were confusing. The Iron Dwarves no longer attack us but when the event starts now, I see nothing! I stand there until the keg shows up with the token turn-in quest.

The fun news was that one of the booze drops turned me into this!


6 thoughts on “WoW-verwhelmed

  1. I’ve been waiting for you to show off the Brewfest Hearthstone! 😉
    I almost have enough tokens for it, so maybe I’ll get it just because.
    Then I’ll need to get the Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air Hearthstones when those holidays come around again, to complete the set.

    I seem to remember my Hunter’s pet getting bigger as she leveled through the 1-60 range…

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      • So I got the Brewfest Hearthstone (so now I’m gonna hafta get the Hallow’s End, Lunar Festival, and Love is in the Air ones…) and decided to make a “Fancy Hearth” random cast macro with the holiday hearthstones I have so far. I did /castrandom, then the names of all the holiday hearthstones I currently have, comma separated. It doesn’t work. What might I have done wrong? Do I need to include a reset command because Hearthstones have a CD?

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  2. I never did any of Brewfest again. Next year, for sure, I’ll play with the sound off and try to get the achievement for it. I noticed a few comments in Classic indicating people were sad Brewfest isn’t in Classic. Be happy!
    I love your Scorpion pet. In live, at least, the pets do grow a bit. I don’t like that they shrink everything you tame. Sometimes we want big beasts. I read a bit about it and they didn’t want big creatures messing up the field of view in dungeons, thus the shrink ray.
    I’m mostly playing Classic, bouncing between characters, but I’ve been back working with my Druid on reps in BFA.

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