Classic Fishing: Tips and Tricks

“Fishing is a delusion entirely surrounded by liars in old clothes.”
Don Marquis

Classic Fishing: Tips and Tricks

The reason to fish while you are leveling is that you can do this way ahead of your level. Meaning, at level 25 you can fish in level 35 zones; which means that your catches are valuable to level 35 players who can afford to buy your stuff.

At level 25, for example, you can fish in Dustwallow near Theramore and get crates with bolts of mageweave. Mageweave is level 40 stuff and you are selling bolts of it!

No other profession allows you to go way above your own level.

Tip One:
Do the Blump Family fishing quests in Darkshore. This will give you a nice fishing pole and a bunch of very good lures that will carry you for a long time.


Tip Two:
Use the lures until you don’t have to. They are not precious.

Tip Three:
Bind your fishing skill to an action button.
I use Bartender 4. I key bind the fishing skill to the thumb button of my mouse.



Tip Four:
Make a Bank Alt to funnel all of your stuff. If you are parking your main at the inn in Theramore, you can mail all of your goodies to your Alt. There is a huge range of stuff.

Tip Five:
Be patient with your Bank Alt. You’ll see a lot of Oily and Firefin fish, let it stack up to 20 before selling it on the AH.

Tip Six:
This is a big one: there is always a fishing pool up.

We want the pools for the crates more than the oily or firefin. The crates give good sellable stuff! We salivate at the sight of junk pools.

The game is designed in mini-zones. The beach in Dustwallow is one mini-zone. If you don’t see any pools that is because there is one pool that you’ve not found. Same in Steamwheedle, there are three beaches for this single mini-zone (the third beach has pirates, be careful!).

Keep clearing fishing pools and a new one will show up when they are all cleared.

Tip Seven:
Save your trunks or crates until you are done for the day. Each one will likely have more than one item in it. Keeping them in crates until the end saves bag space.


Tip Eight:
Look to stay ahead of your own levels so you profit. At 25, I went to Dustwallow. At 30, I was at Steamwheedle and Dustwallow. At 35, I went to Steamwheedle and Feralas; fishing end game fish for the raiders.

Tip Nine:
Turn off the music and turn up the splash. I hate turning off this great music but when fishing, especially grinding open waters, my eyes are on the television watching a movie.

Tip Ten: Don’t worry about +fishing gear until you are deep into level 60. Then you’ll find fishing areas that need skill above 300. Worry about that stuff later, today I’m still using my Blump Pole.

Tip Eleven: Dear Elune, don’t only fish! Go questing, have fun, explore.

Tip Twelve:

I am at level 37 now with 115 gold. My talents are all learned. My leatherworking is above what I can wear. My skinning is not quite 300. My cooking is 300. All of this is because of fishing in higher zones than I can quest or kill.

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