Classic WoW: Ding 40

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Classic WoW: Ding 40

I dinged 40 yesterday! I bought the mount and the mail specialization and learned Aspect of the Pack and put on the three pieces of mail gear that I’d already crafted. Then I had enough gold left over to send 30g to my leveling buddy who is 39 and does not fish.


That is the main point, isn’t it? We are playing Classic because we know the way and having enough gold right when we ding 40 to buy the mount is a matter of player pride or something along those lines.

Gotta love the foot prints.


I’d farmed a ton of leather specifically for the Wild Leather quests in Feralas. That went well even though I had to do some travel to learn the recipes, that part I’d not planned out.

Eventually I’ll get to choose between Dragonscale, Elemental and Tribal Leatherworking. The mobs for those crafting materials are all deep into their 50s levels, so “not today” but I’m ahead of the schedules.

Our raid team hit Normal Eternal Palace on Wednesday. For me, it didn’t matter the level so much has having our team form up with enough to play.

The Bee Mount has begun but barely. All my 120 alts do the Honey Smasher guy and that is it. I’ll do the farming part with my guild master, methinks.

The guild is scattered to the winds.


It is nearing the end of my birthday week. Adults don’t stuff it all into one day because people have jobs and responsibilities. So, lunches and indulgences are spread all through the week. I feel the same but know that I’m getting older and older. It is not fair, I know, to feel sorry for all of you youngsters but I seem to have all of this wisdom and knowledge.

The new stuff has been announced and is partially on the PTR. The Auction House looks interesting and I wonder if all of those sniper guys and trade skill add-on guys will be thwarted or will find new ways to bilk us simple customers.

Happy hunting and may all of your hits … be crits.


2 thoughts on “Classic WoW: Ding 40

  1. Congrats on hitting 40! Fishing has really paid off for you. It’s good to see your raid team is back. The Bee Mount is cute, but, I have a sort of terror of bees in real life that carries into the game. When someone hovers near me on their Bee,a chill goes down my spine, and I want to run. Thinking I won’t do that grind.

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