WoW: The Anniversary Stuff

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WoW: The Anniversary Stuff

The token which jacks up your rep and xp stacks with the WQ weekly and with the DMF buff. I’d guess you end up with about a 75% buff? This could be a good week to finish up some of the rep things left dangling.

The Caverns of Time is awesome. I bought some Spicy Chicken from Leroy Jenkins and a bunch of the 100% quick-feet tokens from the waiter. Wondering if those things go away after the Anniversary; I’m guessing so. There is a volley ball game happening.

The three Memory Lane wings are so very good. Chromie is entertaining and funny. Yes, your group can fail! And it is okay! And if some bozo wants to cuss out the raid, he can be reported. It is too fun to have some yahoo swearing at us all.

When you sign up for a wing via Chromie, it will say “average wait time 42 minutes” or some such, but it really is only 5 minutes tops (at least for this druid healer). So, don’t let that change your mind to do it at some other time when you have more waiting time on your hands, it’s pretty quick.

The pet is nice. I’ll have to look again at his spells to see if he’s a handy pet for the pvp pet battles.

Since the mount is a flyer, you have to use /mountspecial to see his animations on the ground. I like it too!

Granted, we got excited and did all of the Anniversary stuff at once. It was quick, but, in my opinion, it was a grand fun time.

3 thoughts on “WoW: The Anniversary Stuff

  1. I am using the celebration rep buff to finally finish getting Exalted with Keepers of Time by clearing Heroic Durnholde! Kamalia was about 3/4 through Revered but I just hadn’t felt like camping out at Durnholde to farm the rest of it. Once Kam has earned the tabard, some of my other characters will be using it to make outfits…

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