The End-of-the-Line Anniversary

“Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of struggles from below.”
Noam Chomsky

The End-of-the-Line Anniversary

I finally did the final War Campaign quests and dinged my neck piece up to 70. I’ve been saving them because I didn’t want it all to be over.

Man, the final War Campaign stuff is really good. I got a little emotional!


It is a personal quirk. If I near the end of a delicious book, I’ll spread the final chapter out over a week and savor the adventure.

But now, while I feel that there is little need to log into retail except on raid nights, the real thing is that I need to shift to other things. Achievements come to mind, there are many that were “saved until flying” that I never did once I got flying.

I believe that our corruption and tentacles will be felt in the next patch in January. How do you prepare for that? Hang out with a bunch of Paladins, I guess.

Classic is a hoot.

The path to 40 is the fun stuff. At 40 you get your signature spell, like Bestial Wrath. After 40, the talents are mostly power fillers.

So, my hunter is parked at 43 and very rested. My druid is 25 now with a fresh ding. I feel like a killing machine on that cat but a weak questing wimp.

The Anniversary feels very good and well designed. Kudos to Blizzard and the team.

How about you, still having fun?

One thought on “The End-of-the-Line Anniversary

  1. I agree, the devs did a fantastic job of making the Caverns of Time into party central for the Anniversary! The chronocrystals to watch the intro cinematics and other POW! moments (such as the Wrathgate) from past expansions are a great touch. I’ve really enjoyed hearing the music from all the past expansions as I’ve cycled through my alts who are camping out with Llore and Ju’pa for their daily multiple choice question XP. And I love how the portal to the Caverns of Time in Orgrimmar/Stormwind made it so easy for my lowbie Highmountain Tauren and Void Elf to get there!

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