Happy Reset Day

“Know this. My hunger for vengeance will not be sated so long as Sylvanas Windrunner remains free–and until I know why Elune abandoned her children.”
Tyrande Whisperwind

Happy Reset Day

Resets are great. One used to eagerly log in to get the LFR run in retail since the hope was that you’d find the more serious players and it would zoom right along. We don’t do that much anymore.

However, The Video Game Tourist reports that if you pre-purchased the next expansion with big dollars that you can start on How to get the Shadowlands Tmog Set. A tip of the topper and thanks for the tip!


I’ve not started but I did look at the comments page on Wowhead.


It seems that we do like the daily reset to collect the things to get the things and show off our set early. As a player that doesn’t press much, I’ll let these things come to me as I play.

Reset Day in Classic means that the servers reset. This means fresh fishing pools if you happen to be available to log in on the edge of the reset.

Classic is plagued with gold spammers. I got three intrusions into my game play just this morning. Of course, I report them.




I am sure that this is all some automated thing and if Blizzard catches and boots them that they simply make a new character. It is too frequent and annoying as can be.


I am a fan of Rachelle Riddle’s writing; always clean and in the style of a reporter.

She has posted on Blizzard Watch All of the class changes and abilities we know about in Wow Shadowlands (so far).

Of course I’m interested in my healing Druid:


Ursol’s Vortex is something that Resto-Druid already had. That spell along with Entangling Roots and Mass Entanglement have been great for raids in BfA. It feels great to have this kind of utility in a raid to lock down some mobs.

Cyclone for another lock down spell is fine, I guess. For the pure Resto point of view, it is just another spell. Sure, my point of view is narrow. As a choice for all Druid classes, I think it is fine.

I hope that they don’t design raids around “bring the class” and have us Resto-Druids casting four non-healing spells in the middle of chaos. Some fights in BfA kept us very busy with our roots and vortex.

Like a child, I want to stamp my foot and cry for Mark of the Wild. Not fair!

Playing Classic has reminded me how satisfying it is to buff other players and make them stronger. It feels great. Knowing to buff up the hunter’s pet with MotW and Thorns feels like you are supporting your fellow player in their adventures.

Adding Cyclone, while iconic to the class, is fine. It really is. But, as you can read, I’m not too excited about it.

And so, my friends, Happy Reset Day and onward with our adventures!


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