WoW: Pet Battle News

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WoW: Pet Battle News

It is new and it is being reported everywhere. Let’s choose Wowhead with Pet Battles in Visions of N’Zoth – Toxic Fumes, More Weather Buffs, Future Balance Changes.

All kinds of things like a new weather spell, Toxic Fumes. There will also be a change in the World Quest pet battles in Mech, Naz and the two new zones to do them with level one pets. And so on.

The designers will attempt again, but not in the next patch, to re-balance pet battles so you don’t need a specific team to get the kill. I am all for this: the WQs in Nazjatar and Mechagon were way too hard and needed visits to web sites to get the step-by-step guide.

Here is what the designers say:

“A goal we have when making many new pet battle World Quests or encounters is to create puzzles that players can counter and “solve”– ideally with the option to use a variety of pets and tools to do so. When a few pets have such strong synergies that they can deal massive damage in just a few rounds and almost trivially beat these enemies, it becomes problematic. Do we make new challenges only beatable by the highest damage combos, or do we make them generally solvable and therefore immediately smashed by massive damage?”

I’m not sure that the statement makes sense with both solutions offered as “massive damage”.

Still, I am of two beliefs of this.

I love solving puzzles. Seeing what an enemy team can do and figuring out how to down it with my own battery of pets is fun and satisfying.

On the other hand, if these are World Quests, then time becomes a big factor. Diddling about with a pet challenge when the slate is full of tasks becomes a burden. And, also, once solved; the game is over.

Either memorize your win, look it up on the guide site or skip it as a pain in your time frame.

I think that, if I were king of the world, that there would be a better loot system beyond tokens; maybe an odd drop that is pleasing but nothing that you would grind for in the game. Also that there would be more tamers outside of the WQ system that you can visit daily, if you wanted, to get XP for you and your pets.

Still, we have to appreciate that someone is paying attention to our favorite little mini-game in WoW.


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