The Commons in Iron Forge

“If the wolf is rabid, it matters not who rides it. Sooner or later, the beast will bare its fangs.”
Tyrande Whisperwind

The Commons

I have used their Suggestion Box in game to encourage a meeting place in future expansions like The Commons in Iron Forge. Lots of room, plenty of warm light, it is a great place to show off your stuff.


Look at this screen shot from yesterday in Classic! I love a busy place in the game.

I think of that narrow sidewalk in Boralus by the mail box that is in the shade. So much of this game is showing off your tmog or favorite pet and your pride in the game. The design needs to offer that, I so believe.

I know that The Commons is popular for many reasons including that it is sort of the middle of the game on the map and so makes for a good spot to set your heart. The AH and the bank are close together and so on.

With a name like Shadowlands it is unlikely that we’ll get a grand meeting place with warm light and a ton of real estate. But, one can hope!


Ding 300 gold in Classic. My hunter is 44 and my druid is 30. Gold making is part of the game judging by the worries of fellow players. I don’t know, I go shopping all of the time and think little of buying gear or recipes off of the AH. Fishing is the key until you ding up in the 50s to farm Feralas or the Western Plaguelands.

Last Sunday, a week ago and my how time flies, our raid team did Heroic Stromgarde. What a relief to band up and do anything!

Still playing every day, how about you?

One thought on “The Commons in Iron Forge

  1. At BlizzCon, we got a chance to play in Bastion. I’m not going to give any spoilers, just letting you know it’s not all dark and scary. It’s light and beautiful. Think something akin to a hybrid of Val’Sharah and Stormheim. Sunny and trees and beautiful flora/fauna. There will be wonderfully bright and open areas, as well as the expected dark corners for seedy deals.

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