Gold and Lull

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics”
Mark Twain

Gold and Lull

Here we are in early December and it is lull time. Our gatherings for raids have stopped and there is only one guy I talk to once or twice a week on Discord, usually about movies.

And that is fine. It is nice to ease back some (or a lot, really) and dither about in Azeroth. I’m following the news and see that the AH mount won’t be available in the next expansion. I bought mine around October 3rd, 2018. It is great to have as a mount. Thinking back over the last year, the most fun has been giving people rides. Everyone likes a ride on this huge beast.

Classic has slowed down for me too. A friend said, “the closer you get, the farther you are” meaning that the upper levels take a long time to get.

And I don’t always want to quest but I always like making some gold when I’m waking up in the morning over coffee.


Wrathsome is my bank alt and does the leg work. My other toons get some chump change to carry about.

It is little bits and pieces that add up a lot. Fishing for stonescale eel and also fishing for the mithril trunks give stacks of things that really sell.


So, at this moment, my characters are very well geared but not doing a whole lot.

Relax in Azeroth, that’s my motto!

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