Classic Threat Meter

“I still feel like I’ve crashed the party.”
Renee Zellweger

Classic Threat Meter

Wowhead gives us a notice to update your threat meters in Classic.


It is a small thing but handy for hunters. Sort of. The threat can switch to you in an instant, perhaps from a critical hit and, more often if you are engaged with a higher level mob. So, you can’t really ride the meter, if that makes sense.

The configuration panel lets you click a box so that the meter is gone when out of combat, which is a relief! Because the meter is constantly changing and updating while in combat, you find yourself watching it instead of the game in front of you.

I doubt that I’ll keep it. It would be important if I were doing group play. And, I pretty much know what my pet is doing now that I’ve played for a few months. Obviously this is useless for solo play without a pet, of course you have the threat!

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