Corrupted Engineering

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”
Scott Adams

Corrupted Engineering

Holy Toledo! I dived (dove?) into Wowhead to see what is what with the new patch. After the fair warnings of clever bloggers, I was shielded for the worse. But, wow — you need an engineering degree to understand this complicated system.

The first clue, Watson, of the high level of mathematical mechanics involved in this new system is the two hour opening quest line. It will take that long to explain to us how all of this corruption and cleansing works, mixed in with some story things to keep us involved and patient.

Then the assaults or invasions that will be our new life-style. Eventually we will be master corruption players, maybe? We’ve seen the risk/reward thing coming with the gear out of that two-boss raid. Once introduced in that raid, we should be savvy to the new idea that you don’t simply win rewards for your efforts.

And then we will go deeper. If I read that right, there will be nine weapons that you can want and maybe only one for healers (haste buff).

I’ll admit that while I was chewing on these explanations and seeing that Wowhead has had to make full on guides for each different thing, that my mind drifted off to unicorns and lollipops and butterflies and Captain and Tennille songs. I don’t want to do math!

But, I do want to jump in and try the system. If it is built well, we will understand what is what and how to do the thing with the things. One thing that I think I think is that we live in a new WoW; we won’t have titan-forged pieces but we also never get to the point where we have the heroic raid on farm and we are zipping through it hoping for that piece.

It should be fun. It is a big patch and probably our last one. Seeing this in January and one imagines that the next expansion is in September, it might take me eight months to understand the game!

Isn’t it cute? He uses the Synth to make little muskrat love sounds. Darling!

3 thoughts on “Corrupted Engineering

  1. I’m not going to WoWhead’s for guides on this. If I cannot figure out what needs to be done just by playing, expect to see a scathing comment from me on game design and the reliance on outside 3rd party sites to inform players on how to play the game.

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