8.3: Fill that Bar!

“Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend.”
William Feather

8.3: Fill that Bar!

The opening questline is a monster! With lots of monsters too. It took me hours, maybe five, and I don’t know if I am done yet. I got the cloak at the end of last night (played two hours in the afternoon and then two more in the evening) and then this morning began up again working out of the Chamber of the Heart.

It was great to see guildies on again. Many said, and I agree, that the lull was welcome but it was good to be back and see each other. That was part of why it took me so long, I’d start visiting and then wonder where I was supposed to be next.

What fun! It is so long that I am sure I missed a bunch of important things yet traveling to the different places and doing these odd things was very entertaining. Well done. It could be a game in itself.

Yeah, I died. I’m at 435 ilevel, I wonder if the mobs scale to me. Putting a freshy in that circumstance would be painful. Perhaps it is time to farm some elixirs and potions to ease the pain.

I can’t tinker a glider onto the legendary cape. It is more of the phasing out of things, I’m sure. We’ll lose WoD drums and glider kits next. Along with the water strider changes, we are seeing how the next expansion will play out, I betcha.

For me, personally, it will take a while to get used to corruption. I don’t like it and I’m not supposed to like it. When the screen tells me I am corrupted, I feel like giving up in despair. And: it is another bar to track along with my health and cooldowns, it is busy.

There were several laugh-at-me moments. One of my favorites was that I had to push this statue to open a door. So, I pushed the statue up the stairs (to the wrong door). I thought the weight of the statue would crash the door open. But, I pushed it through the door and then could not reach it. Out the instance to reset and try again! That mistake made me laugh a lot. Up the stairs, another push, I thought I had it.

The AP bar is back. I’m at 71. Getting a paragon cache turn-in will really move that bar.

The new assaults have a fill-the-bar. Doing the related quests will fill the bar pretty good. I started, foolishly, on the bar and began killing mobs for one point at a time. That is not the way to do it!

And, I don’t know if I am done with the massive opening questlines. So, I worry some but not too much. I have two pieces of gear with the corruption components embedded into them, as far as ilevel they are equal to what I have and I am unsure whether to use them!

Okay, gotta go back and do some more stuff. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “8.3: Fill that Bar!

  1. If they’re the same iLevel and a positive affix that you like, just hold on to them until you get your corruption resistance up a bit. If the affix doesn’t make you excited just cleanse it, and then compare raw stats and scrap accordingly.

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