Dilly Daily in WoW

“Man grows used to everything, the scoundrel.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Dilly Daily in WoW

There is some understanding now of what is going on for a daily basis. One questions if there is something being missed that everyone else knows.

  • The Vision of N’zoth daily in the Vale, currently I’ll bet, is a must do every day. It rewards 1000 currency tokens and some amount of the other. Compared to a reward of 25 for chasing rares, this needs to be done.
  • The Kill Four Rares in the Vale is now skipped. I feel much better not taking it. Thirty minutes is too much time for any daily and unless they speed up the spawns, I’m not doing it.
  • Druid form is a blessing. In the cave in the Vale, a druid can prowl and, check this out, even when destroying the items we stay in prowl. Confidently walking under the flying hive guys is great. Same with flight form to click columns or little bits, pulling aggro yet getting the job done and flying out of aggro is satisfying.
  • The pet/mount daily is a must. The only hitch is the confusion when the quest is not in Uldum but in the Vale, the map shows Silithus.
  • The strange little mini-tasks like jumping on bugs in Uldum is pretty fun. I like jumping and smashing bugs!
  • And, I remember just how tough Nazjatar was on the first day and how it is a breeze now. I expect the dailies to get easier and easier.

I think that the raid opens tomorrow. There has been no invitation in the calendar, so we may or may not be raiding. I have a new cauldron and a stack of feasts and I hope that we have enough to field a team.

The word “visions” is repeated too many times. I can’t remember the names so it has become “the vision daily in the vale” or “the vision thing in the chamber”. For me, it is the same with the major assault and the minor assualts; I’ll not try to keep track or the timing but instead look on my map and go there if something is showing. At least the map has an eye on it for the shortcut!

Rep is Friendly with both factions. I took a quick glance at the Quartermasters and the offerings from Wrathion and, like the doubloons and the 7th Legion stuff, I’ll wait for some months to collect an abundance before going shopping.

So far, so good. The zones are active. There is something to do everyday and you feel like you have finished for the day and everything beyond that is optional like going for achievements or farming.

Finally, since this is the final patch, I wish that I knew when the next expansion is coming. The mindset of playing now and knowing it would drop in June instead of September is a big difference.


5 thoughts on “Dilly Daily in WoW

  1. My concern is, Is this it? Are we supposed to keep running Uldum and the Vale and do two Visions every day for the next 15 weeks? I finally completed killing Thrall after searching through guides to realize I never spent the 100 coins to activate the first row research to get the 3 orbs. If I am just going in to kill Thrall every few days, that is going to get old real fast. I already dread the amount of time it takes to clear both zones in an evening, and don’t even think about taking an evening off. I see people in guild are already rank 6 or higher, and I barely completed the first run.

    Hope there is something else coming.

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  2. Hmm, sounds like maybe I want to go to the Patch 8.3 stuff with Kerisa, then. Doing stuff in Prowl or Flight Form as a Druid is always much fun, and Gnomecore is saying his Mage is so squishy that it’s not at all fun to do this stuff with her. I’ve decided that I will eventually have to do enough of the Horrific Visions to get the cape up to rank 5 for Mogging purposes (but as cool as the rank 15 version looks, I just don’t see that happening for me).

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