The World of Warcraft: LFR

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
Winston Churchill

The World of Warcraft: LFR

The new wing opened on the Looking For Raid version and I did it. Pleased that my hunter had enough ilevel to enter, he went first.


This is Day One of the new wing and the wait time was rough. Because I had been through these on Normal, I thought I’d have an edge or advice for the other players. But, in general, everyone was savvy and smart.

Yes, some early wipes but even those saw people surviving long enough to learn the mechanics. In all, I had a good time.

My healer went in the evening. It took about two hours, which I’d guess is okay. You can not bull rush through this, the trash packs are the worse. At this point in the World of Warcraft, I merely accept it as life in the game — it is too hard to roll through it.

But for the onerous wait time, forty minutes is not reasonable, it went well. Oh, my healer only waited about two minutes.

This morning was a milestone moment, my neck piece dinged 75 and now has three minor essences in play!

I had a lot of fun anticipating it and spent some time planning which essences to use. Because my healer HAS to play a dps role to do quests and the Horrific Visions, I could play with two versions of my minor essences.

Thank Elune that the essences can swap with your spec. I wish it were true with the armor bonus stuff (yikes, maybe it does now but it didn’t used to). Running as dps with no azerite bonus sucks.

In all, a very good day in WoW. And: we raid tonight!


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