Gear Swapping in Patch 8.3

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Gear Swapping in Patch 8.3

I hate it. I’ve never done it before. Now I have a DPS set of Azerite gear and a Healing set. With Elune’s Luck, I will remember to swap over when I am to heal for a raid.

I have a mace with Void Ritual and a ring with Racing Heart(?), the big haste buff. I can swap around these because I have the back-up equivalent that is non-corrupted in my bags.

Yesterday I began getting nervous and looked into the guides. 8.3 brought some changes and my best weapon enchant is different; after a year of Masterful Navigation it is something called Machinist’s Something-Or-Other. So, more than I wanted or expected. It cost 3200 gold and I didn’t buy it.

The guides conflict with advice. I’m a fan of Questionably Epic and, of course, Wowhead is a pretty reliable source. And then I have the bozos in my raid who know everything about everything and are simply FULL of advice on how I should play.

So, now I’m using the Humming Black Dragonscale trinket.

This is something that I won but was told that the EP one was better and, dammit, I’m using my new trinket and it has wings which make me super happy.


The visual is glowing dragon-wings! Getting a screenie is hard because the start bright but then flap (I guess) and get fainter and fainter while still providing the juice.


The slow fall is now “on use” and in my action bar. This is awesome, I expected so many things but it gives me wings and slow fall and looks terrific.


Of course, if you proc and run, you’ll see it on your stag form or tree form.


And it is new to me. I could have simply used my “on use” slow fall to get them to proc for a screen shot. Trust me, I like them!


11 thoughts on “Gear Swapping in Patch 8.3

  1. I got creative with my equipment manager. When you set up your equipment sets, you can flag 1 set to be the default when you switch to a spec. When I was active on my druid, I had a tree, chicken, cat, and bear set. Simply swapping specs, auto loaded my azerite pieces for the set and my and my .

    With the introduction of corruption, I have another level of gear to manage. When I find a piece of gear with corruption that’s worth keeping, I keep it. However, I keep my non-corrupted gear too.

    Now here’s where it gets tricky. Not really, but it’s different from just an equipment set per spec. I’ll use my situation as an example. I have a set of boots and gloves with corruption. What I did in the equipment manager is switch to each spec, then set each spec’s equip manager to ignore gloves and boots. Meaning when I switch specs, it doesn’t touch the gloves or boots slot.

    Next, set up an equipment manager set that ignores all slots except for the gloves and boots slots, call this one “full corruption” and save it with the corrupted gloves and boots equipped, and ignoring all other slots. Another set called “no corruption” which is clean gloves and boots and ignoring all other slots. Another set called “low corruption” which is one lightly corrupted item and one clean item. Another “mid corruption” which is one heavily corrupted item and one clean item.

    So now, I can swap specs and have the bulk of my gear automatically switched for me. Then I judge the content I’m doing. If I am askeerd, I use “no corruption”. If it’s all rofl-stompy, I use “full corruption” for grins-n-giggles. If I’m doing real content, I swap between mid and low depending on my comfort level. Although, as your corruption resistance gets better, you might just add one of the corrupted items to the base spec set. Still allowing your corrupted sets to swap them out for different levels.

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  2. Just realized part of my comment got borked because of brackets…

    First paragraph, last sentence. “Simply swapping specs, auto loaded my azerite pieces for the set and my [role specific trinkets] and my [primary stat sticks].”

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