A Good Week in WoW

“Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set a rolling it must increase.”
Charles Caleb Colton

A Good Week in WoW

I know that it is only Thursday. The last two days brought in some good stuff. I feel progress. Of course I am doing the assaults but I am selective on the daily chores in the new zones, a few are only time-killers.

Lets try to recap:

  • Revered with both new factions and buying the essences offered.
  • Heroic Darkshore was tough with only ten people and it took an hour. But we won and I got 360 gloves.
  • The engineering profession forge completed last night. A 365 healing helm looks pretty good.
  • Rank 10 on my cape! It wasn’t until last week that I learned that there was a weekly advancement. Being “caught up” feels very good.
  • I picked up a pair of boots with a crit corruption (15 corruption). Now I have slightly corrupted all of the time but that is the game.

Raid last night, first night, saw seven bosses go down. One-shots and feeling sassy, everyone was chatting and laughing. This is really good.

Some players are running with high corruption. It is a risk/reward thing and, I think, people are still trying the system out. The bigger output from the corrupted pieces has its allure and I can see that. As a healer, I’m being a little more conservative right now.


Gear swapping is a thing as I mentioned before. Not only do I have Azerite sets for heals and dps but I have my back-up mace and boots and a couple of trinkets that I take long looks at.


For me, the daily Mechagon is a must for the spare crate. I really don’t think that the feast is much and that we could do with out, but it makes people feel better to have the buff.

However, I am collecting a ton of stuff that I’m not using. A trip to that big robot thing to look at the recipes might be in order but I think that it might be too late; the advantages will be too small now: maybe.


The new pet from our daily stuff in Uldum is level 25. Paired with Drafty, these two can put up a cyclone each for pvp pet battles. Using the puddle guy who heals a ton with Dive as an escape is the place holder while the cyclones run. It is fun but I am only one for two in wins. The queue time for pet battles is pretty bad right now.

Revered in Uldum and you can buy a Pygmy Camel. He’s cute.


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