The Week Ends on Monday

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”
Henry Miller

The Week Ends on Monday

The other day I got up early, it was dark outside like the whole world was still asleep. Logging into WoW and farming keeps me entertained while I think of what to do for the day and other lofty thoughts.

After farming, let’s decide to take a boat ride even though I had all of the jump-about cooldowns ready to go. The time spent on the artwork and animation in WoW is under-appreciated by me. They do good work, I tell ya.


Dailies in Uldum find me smashing bugs in flight form. Did our weapons used to show or not? They do now and look cool.


The toy from Killsaw is still the best toy ever. I have it macro’d to my hearthstone so that it is up a lot but not all of the time. Someone turned me into a turkey!

And that toy still shines.

A screen shot cannot do it justice, those blades are spinning and sparks are flying!



It is no spoiler that the bug mount quest line is over. I finished today, just like everyone else. It meets expectations.


The /mountspecial command has the flying bug land and skitter about on the ground in several directions and then returning to hovering above the ground.


All in all, a good week. Collecting Momentos is the hurdle to the point where I’ll stay in the vision daily after the mission is complete to kill the named mobs for extra momentos, even one coin at a time.

Our raid last night hit a bad patch. We only had two healers and after trying and failing on the one where the dragon flies over-head, we then tried Ra-Den and failed. We need more manpower and my raid leader simply called it.

Gone are the days when we’d throw ourselves at a boss until the raid knew every nuance of the mechanics and we’d eek by. He just called it a night hoping that we’ll have more players next week. We were 2/2/8 and I think that we should have been able to do if it were tuned for small groups but Blizz don’t do that no more.

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