Ding 80

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”
Groucho Marx

Ding 80

I dinged my neck piece today! Yep, I’ve reached the finish line. Done with that AP grind and race. But, my AP bar didn’t go away.

This has left me confused!


Our raid team cleared another wing. These fights are hard. We are running at 2/3/8 when we are lucky. Typically we start that way and people begin to drop if we start wiping. But, we do still try, mostly.

The third hour of raiding is always tough. Everyone is tired. Still in the final hour, we did clear a new wing and that feels great. I’m guessing 2/3/6 at this point. And yes, we see the same mechanics as the big raids, we don’t get fewer tentacles or bashes.


Blizz cracks me up sometimes.

On Feb. 20th, they did a hotfix:

  • Fixed a rare issue where more than 2 Torn Page of “Fear and Flesh” could drop in a Horrific Vision. ‘

And on Feb 25th, they are letting us, maybe, get more than 2 pages:

  • to 4 Torn Pages of “Fear and Flesh” quest items can now drop in Horrific Visions from objectives on the rank 7-11 Legendary cloak upgrade quests (was a max of 2).
    You’ll need to clear more than two sides areas in one run to get more than two pages. The rank 13-15 quests will still drop a max of 2 pages, only from Lost Area objectives.

And finally, Resto Druids are getting a buff. This is after the 9% nerf to our Mastery in the beginning of patch 8.3. I am really glad to see them still working on balancing the specs.

Rejuvenation now costs 10% base mana (from 10.5%).
Efflorescence now costs 17% base mana (from 21.6%).
Tranquility direct healing increased 11%.

Developers’ notes: These changes should improve Restoration Druid’s raid healing output, without much impact to their already strong capabilities in dungeons and Arenas.

It is Monday, so it is the end of the week. I have two more HV runs today to get all of the needed pages to upgrade my cloak.

My HV buddy has abandoned me! He plays in Warmode and has leapt ahead and I was slowing him down! So, no regrets or sad feelings. I can solo an HV and clear two zones but; with my buddy – 6 minutes, without my buddy – 20 minutes.

Sometimes I call them Horrible Visions. As a player I am oh-so-very-slow.

One last note. For our raid team, the toughest boss so far was the one with the dragon who flies up in the air. Once again, Druid for the win — Mass Entanglement makes all of the difference when the group of adds show up. I can root and the tank can use that big powerful beam on them and they wilt.


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