Ding Neck 81

“Having the critics praise you is like having the hangman say you’ve got a pretty neck.”
Eli Wallach

Ding Neck 81

There is no hint that the Corona Virus has hit my region. But, it is surely possible soon. So I did a half-hearted attempt at stockpiling some mats thinking that some official might come to my door and say “don’t leave your home for thirty days”.

Now a thirty day quarantine would mean a LOT of WoW time.

I bought an extra tube of oatmeal and some bags of pinto beans and coffee. I also bought some salted butter to freeze along with some bags of frozen fruit. I’m set on paper goods. Along with the stuff already in my place, I could get by okay I guess. Assuming that we’d still have electricity and running water, of course. The infrastructure in America is so vulnerable and neglected, I hope it doesn’t come down to that!

Our little raid team made it to N’zoth on Normal last night! We didn’t fight him, there was no time. But, I’d guess that it will become routine soon.


My neckpiece dinged 81 without me trying at all. I did screen shots so you could see the stat difference. It is a small jump but I think it will be helpful in the long run to add some AP to your neck now and then.


Delighted am I to finally have all my healing essences at rank three. I know it is psychological but I feel strong and ready to go.

Ra-den drops a two-part trinket and I got the first half last night. This stuff offers a haste buff to me on proc but also gives a smaller haste buff to the raid team. I’ve always liked it when Blizzard designs things that are directly helpful to the dungeon or raid team as a whole.

I played on my hunter alt some. Leveling the cloak at the beginning of the talent tree is darned hard. I could very much feel the difference on my main. Tempted am I to collect a whole bunch of momentos and build the tree and save the vial keys up and then do all the cloak runs. Crazy stupid but it is a thought!

Happy Hunting! And may all your hits … be crits.

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