Alt Exalted

“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.”
Dag Hammarskjold

Alt Exalted

It is not quite a lull but WoW life is in a routine. So, I am taking a look at advancing my hunter to at least be prepared for the next expansion.

As you can see, this character is 92/100 on exalted reputations.


So, just the regular stuff will get me there to 100 and the big achievement. Mostly I am only doing the daily emissary. And a little bit of the Uldum and Vale but not too heavy.


So, it is funny to me to get Kul Tiran Fishing and Cooking this late in the game. Leveling up Engineering is a total drag! With revered in Nazjatar, I think I’ll learn some of the newer recipes beyond the basics first provided at the top of the expansion.


I am not sick, yet, but I am isolating like the rest of America. Everyone is trying to take a few weeks off and let the curve flatten out. So, a little extra WoW time!

Happy Hunting!

2 thoughts on “Alt Exalted

  1. In my last post i complain about professions, my main is engineer and i’m stuck at 135 now, no matter how much i gather mats, i still need Expulsom and it does not drop, i scrap items instead of vendoring them and i don’t get much of it.

    Good luck with reputations 🙂

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