Vexed in the LFR

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Vexed in the LFR

I blame Ronald Reagan, of course.

Here I am obsessing on the news of the destructive spread of Covid-19 and I can’t get a straight answer. President Reagan dissolved the Fairness Doctrine. He said that the news isn’t a service to the world; it should be a business, an entertainment. Why he didn’t get impeached and go to jail for the Iran/Contra affair is beyond me.

So, everyone on television has been hired first for their political leaning and then for their ability to look nice and deliver a speech. And the news that is being delivered is not straight and honest. Terrifying, right? I’ve been following the John Hopkins map but that is only that which has been reported, my imagination says that India must be hit hard and they are not reporting.

But, I am isolating. Human interaction is at a minimum; grocery store and pharmacy, once every two weeks with luck. I took a drive today in my car to make sure the battery gets charged. I have no idea what is needed to do that, so I drove for half an hour and came home.

My state is the fifth largest in these here United of States. It is 49th in education, 47th in economy, 47th in stability and 49th in crime. So, I’m not sure where the hope is but it must be in there somewhere. The view is great.

Which brings us always back to WoW. The big 100% xp buff is up and everyone is leveling. I am told that it is great fun. I asked my raid team (we raided last night!) why one would level up and they told me that I didn’t get it. That is okay.

But, where would you go with these alts? Blizzard says “get your cloak, go kill N’zoth”. My experience is not great in the LFR. This week I queued the first and third wing and got the last boss when I entered. The second wing ….


After a 45 minute wait in the queue, we killed the first boss and then went to Vexiona. We wiped with the tanks pulling the dragon up and down the street, I have no idea why. Then they quit. We waited for about 20 minutes and got another set of tanks, one who quit during the fight. And then, I kid you not, we waited a full hour for another tank to join us.

An hour sitting in a raid is a long time. We were down to four players. I didn’t want to leave and sit through another forty-five minute raid spawn but felt that this must happen at any second, we must be some kind of priority to the algorithm.

I asked the raiders, while waiting, if it is too hard to tank or are the bosses too hard to handle for a tank. They said a kitten could tank this fight. So, where are the tanks? This is a big problem and a major time problem and I can’t imagine leveling up an alt to go through this experience. Is this acceptable game play?

As ever, I’m going my own way. I’m still after the 100 exalted rep achievement. I don’t think that the 100% XP buff includes reputation gains. I dunno, its a long month, maybe I’ll try a something. Maybe a shaman, they have totems!

One thought on “Vexed in the LFR

  1. It is unacceptable gameplay, and MMO developers know this, Gnomecore wrote more than once that LFR is overtuned, it is much harder and it require more organizing from from the group, that’s why i didn’t touch LFR in this whole expansion, too much wasted time in waiting and wiping, even in FFXIV i’m stuck at one quest because i have to do a dungeon and i don’t like waiting for the dungeon finder.

    The 100% exp allowed me to level 2 alts from 111 to 120 in few hours, now i can focus on alts in levels between 60 to 80, leveling alts for many people is for the fun of it, to collect transmog, mounts and pets, i don’t think many of them join LFR or do it for raiding, people who like raiding usually focus on few characters.

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