Shadowlands: Flatten the Curve

“War is a series of catastrophes which result in victory.”
Albert Pike

Shadowlands: Flatten the Curve

I’m a sensitive guy.

If someone is looking at anything of mine and says, “I’m impressed”, well, I get a little offended. It sounds condescending to me. I want to ask if they even know what they are looking at.

My football coach once said, “Go in, son. Make me proud.” Ack! There is so much wrong with that. I am not your son nor do I play to make you happy or proud. That kind of stuff trips me up, it really does.

Ion the Game Designer guy said, in an interview about Shadowlands, “There is no Warforging, Titanforging, or Corruption in Shadowlands. Let loot be loot.” Triggered again, I step back. Is this supposed to be a manly rally cry? What IS this? Stubborn pride?

He said a few other things that didn’t bother me but were interesting:
“The team is going to reduce the amount of loot that drops in Shadowlands raids.”
“Your performance from pull to pull should vary based on your gameplay and less on proc chance.”
And so on.

Going from Draenor into Legion, the developers said that they wanted to get away from the “pre-pot pull hero” type of game play. I totally agree with them. In WoD, we’d often have the strategy of blowing all of our cooldowns on the pull and jump from phase one to phase three, skipping a ton of mechanics by our power.

They also said that they had to fix how our secondary stats act in the game. As an expansion went on, some classes would get extra-super-strong. In other words, they had to flatten the curve.

In BfA, they’ve been successful. There are still some mechanics that we can ignore, but for the most part we see everything as designed. We have to honor the mechanic. Heh, I added the bold to sound like Ion. It feels tough and righteous, right?

Now that we’ve experienced BfA and are going to go into the Shadowlands, I wonder about that flatten the curve experience and wonder if it will be simply flat. This is because I have done Hivemind a lot on Normal. It is not a fun fight really, it is a survival fight. There are quite a few survival fights in this current raid.

The times of the pre-pot hero pull were really fun. We frantically mashed our buttons as fast as we could (this is before the GCD changes). There were times when we’d save our potions and hero for a specific time in the raid fight and line everything up and unload to clear a hard mechanic; it was tense and fun and we would strut when successful. Some would post their damage charts.

Surviving fights isn’t really that fun. N’zoth is a survival fight, you can’t do much to push it along. Sure, they are bringing back some iconic spells that were pruned but that won’t bring a major impact; they kept the strong needed spells when they pruned.

I can only hope that the flattened game is fun. I hope that the designs are more than survival fights. The “bring the class, not the player” is a failure if you ask me. Needing a specific class to be successful is stupid. Instead it should be if you have a certain class, they can do amazing things that make it fun. So much fun that you can skip a mechanic. Whoa!

One thought on “Shadowlands: Flatten the Curve

  1. People complained about too much RNG in BfA so i’m afraid Blizzard is trying to over-correct as they did many times in the past, so no random forging no random procs or less procs and so on.

    As for “son”, here we say to people we don’t know brother or sister, but never son, only really old people have the privilege to call others son or daughter 🙂

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