Of Alts, Rep and XP

“If your enemy offers you two targets, strike at a third.”
Robert Jordan

Of Alts, Rep and XP

My raiding friends say that I don’t get it. And I don’t. Everyone is leveling up characters with this big XP buff and crowing about their progress. My question is, “What are you going to do with that character?”.

I can understand insurance. If, in the next expansion, there is a favored class and everyone wants to play that class, having a ready-to-go guy would be pretty handy. If they nerfed the resto-druid even more, I would be heart broken. I don’t have a shaman up and ready.

Now, I am no stranger to Alts. My play strategy is exactly what Ion hates; alts feeding their mains. That is my intention and it gets harder to do as Ion puts trip hazards in my way. But, I do want an herbalist who will feed my alchemist who will supply my main with flasks and potions.

Seeing the world through different eyes does have it’s appeal. I have (one) horde character who is 120 and has played (some). Seeing that other side is cool and fills in story and lore.

The rep buff is new but, again, why? I already have the exalted mounts and goodies from the paragon caches. Why would I drag an alt through all of that again? At this point in Wow, I have played every class except Death Knight. I think. Maybe I could look at the list.

For BfA, I dropped my skinner/leatherworker and left him in the garrison making drums of fury. If everyone is doing it, I’d better too; so he is now 120. His ilevel is 411 and can enter the current raid on LFR. But he has no second essence even though the slot is open and he can’t add the extra stamina until that second slot has something in it. So, I guess I have to earn enough to buy from MOTHER on an Alt that will probably go nowhere.

There has to be a strategy. My druid will raid and my hunter will explore. They will choose different covenants … wait, is that it? Everyone wants a max toon in a different covenant? I’d need four for alliance and four for horde to do that.

It has been promised that the next expansion will be more alt-friendly. Odds are that my idea is very different than Ion’s idea of friendly. In Cata, Panda and WoD, I had an army of profession alts – almost all of them hunters or herbing druids. That ran for three full expansions and it was great. I had a JC, blacksmith, engineer, inscription guy and so on.

So, these two buffs are massive. A lot of people are returning. I see players that quit last year. But what about us players who have been here all along? These things do very little for me unless I just don’t get it. If you can explain it, let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Of Alts, Rep and XP

  1. I level alts to experience the gameplay of different classes, or to be able to Mog with them. I have professions distributed amongst my alts such that at one time, I could have been self-sustaining — but I stopped caring about professions in Legion. At the moment, the alts I am leveling are either Allied Races whose Heritage Armor I really like or characters whom I intend to take to Shadowlands (one clothie for each Covenant, plus a Druid for the Night Fae) — or both.

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  2. I’m actually crawling through character creation screen now and then, and there’s literally nothing new I want from it. It’s never a problem to double a class or even spec if I invent a persona I’d like to explore, but I think I got it all covered.

    I’ve prepared 16 toons to see all transmogs: 4 covenants x 4 armor types. Yet I also rezzed an affliction warlock πŸ™‚ They do cover all specs and race/class combinations I really wanted for now, so I’m good.

    So I’m back to Draenor’s philosophy one character = one spec I want to play πŸ™‚ It scares me a bit to start them all in the new expansion, a leveling and playing philosophy must be implemented. I’m done with marathons (as in “make them all 60 in month 1”) – it exhausts so much. I need to learn to put toons for laters – even maybe lulls.

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