WoW: It Never Ends

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or, if not my friend, maybe my ally long enough for us to get out of this.”
Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

WoW: It Never Ends

And that is good, I like a game that can keep me busy.

Having an (almost) cleared quest log is a trip. One is for taking the battle pet to Legion WQs and I got part way through my third or fourth pet and gave up. Maybe I’ll go back to it.


My hordie alt is in the LFR now. The horde enjoy fishing while waiting for players to flood in and out after a wipe. This Hyper-Compressed Ocean toy has turned out to be a great toy and a great way to pass the time. I am really glad that I got it. You can fish up any fish in the game including the secret fish and the bobber crates.


We are still raiding. Our team now rides up around 23 or 24 now that we are doing heroic. I remember well when we had our hardy ten facing the final boss on normal. Our raid leader is really smart and is being very laid back regarding progression, knowing that we will be in this lull state for a long time. We downed the soccer boss and Ra-den for the first time this week. The learned bosses are dropping faster and faster.


We are all looking at the changes with the Echoes and purchased corruptions that should be arriving today after reset. I have been running a haste proc build (racing pulse) and buying a rank one to add to a ring might be interesting. If we can choose, then we can make builds and try them out — much more fun than reading advice on a webpage.


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