12 Quests in 45 Minutes

“The swagger is not a strategy.”
Prof. Salam Al Shereida

12 Quests in 45 Minutes

Like many others, I’m leveling Alts. My current is a mechagnome named Tinkersome who is at level 63 today. Best guess is finishing in about a month or so.

Unlike many others, I do the pet tamer rounds in the Eastern Kingdoms. With a hearth in Goldshire, it is quick stuff to work down to Booty Bay and then hearth back for a straight shot at Lakeshire, Redridge and the longer flight paths eventually up to Light’s Hope Chapel.

Two are skipped until flying at 60. In general I use the Rotten Little Helper for the Booby-Trapped Presents which is a one-shot on the middle pet. The Infernal Pyreclaw and Blightbreath are also great pets on these low-level opponents when it has gotten so boring that you are trying to reduce the number of clicks!

12 Quest turn-ins at a 45 minute span is pretty good with heirlooms and the XP buff and plenty of time to read blogs or make coffee. Reduced to mindless is really good at the break of dawn and groggy with the morning’s rise.


I don’t look at my stats on this blog too often. Now and then I am surprised at what brought readers to this humble site. Lately I’ve been a little sad to see “How to Quit a Guild in WoW”.

We bloggers have left a trail, no doubt. Odd things (to me) are picked up and led to a visit. You can wonder why but also how because if I go look at their search terms, my post could be buried many pages deep in Google. Obviously, Google isn’t the only search engine.

So, I did look up the How To and I found out that I wrote that five years ago! Now that is some perspective. So, grats to me, I’ve been blogging for five years!

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