Smokin’ Hot Raid Team

“Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone.”
Gertrude Stein

Smokin’ Hot Raid Team

What happened on Wednesday? Did we collectively sober up? Why and how did we all show up on time? How is it that we raced through the current raid on heroic as a smashing celebration of our own amazing talents and skills?

Sure enough, we did:


We really began to notice on some of the later bosses. For example on the Dog boss, healers are well aware of this stacking debuff in phase two. Typically it gets up to seven stacks on the entire raid and we really grit our teeth to muster out the heals and really want the relief of phase three. On Wednesday, we changed phases at five stacks, not the usual seven.

Candidly, our raid team was not any more amazing (or lacking) than ever. With the available purchase of specific corruption tokens starting on Tuesday; the raid is now simply nerfed. I don’t know about the others but I certainly am pointing towards the desired corruption pieces instead of running with the best that I could find.

On Tuesday, I put together a Haste build. I had two haste-proc corruptions and one percentage-based corruption. The percentage is my desired piece and I’d want one proc piece because that’d positively effect the overall percentage.

Tonight, when we face new bosses for the first time, I am confident! This is because I’ll have my wish in place of one proc-piece and THREE percentage pieces!


I’ve been told that “it is better to have three rank ones than one rank three”. So, hopefully, my healing will have a nice jump and hopefully the rest of the raid also got their optimal pieces and we can move forward with confidence. And, in my future, I will gather Echoes to at some point earn yet another low corruption percentage piece.

We are smokin’ hot, I tell ya.

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