WoW: Farming in the Lull

“Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.”
Will Rogers

Farming in the Lull

Hi-ho, the derry-o I find myself farming, of all things! Like many players, I am interested in collecting the Echoes to buy corruption tokens. My logic is that if I am going to run the LFR for Echoes and fun, I might as well earn a satchel with about 900 gold.


And if I have to contend with 45 minute queue times, I might as well do some herbing even though the prices are tanking in a lull. The thing that I found out is that you can’t just leave the panel open and expect a satchel run to pop up. You have to open and close the panel again and again, hoping for it to show.


I should do a full feature on my favorite toy, the one from Killsaw. This is from Mr. Smite’s Compass and the toy looks marvelous. One of his animations is scratching himself and using a spinning saw blade must hurt!


Lull farming has found me finally leveling up the follower in Nazjatar. I’ll do the other two also, I suppose.


The next is a horrible screen shot! It is a player who is multi-boxing. There are four Sky Golems all tied together at one keyboard. I’d hate it truly but the player is not on my realm. Personally, it looks like a little bit of fun but I can’t imagine paying for four accounts, especially if I relied on farming during a lull to pay for them!


Lock Outs.

Blizzard offers the choice to save a lock out and not have it reset at the beginning of the week. This is so that you can continue. However, once you get to the next-to-the-last-boss, Wrathion is there with the quest to kill Ra-dan, Vex and the other guy four times and you can earn a portal that will jump you forward.

So, we anticipated this and carried an alt to save the lock out before those three end-wing bosses. And, that guy with an alt swapped to his main to kill the three and reach Wrathion for the quest. But when we zoned in on Sunday, all of the early bosses were up. So now we are doing a new set of lock outs and re-clearing everything for another person to extend a different lock out.

Sound confusing? It is. We were frustrated and angry last night trying to figure out the lock out mechanic designed by Blizzard. And we spent our night trying different combinations with other people and using rogues to sneak to see if the doors were open; and the catch is that you have to kill the first boss no matter what (I think)(you can’t get down the hallways if Wrathion is up)(the whole design is a disaster).

So, this coming Wednesday we’ll finish killing the early bosses and building a new lock out until we have two separate lock outs with running out and resetting the raiding in the middle of the evening and, someday eventually, we’ll actually face the final boss.


One thing we clear, we are very much stronger than when we started. The Soccer Boss only sees two ball runs instead of three, that sort of thing. So, ever optimistic am I!

Happy hunting.

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