WoW: I Enjoy Being a Girl

“It’s not that I don’t like reading about myself. But I get unhappy with the kind of things that are written about me. For instance, after ‘Suzie Wong’ . . . I was being written up as a kind of sex kitten. I’m not really at all like that.”
Nancy Kwan

WoW: I Enjoy Being a Girl

When I first started playing the World of Warcraft, my character was male. This is because I am male and it made perfect sense to play a male. Being female would have felt like a lie, I think. Since then, almost all of my Alts are male!

With the big spike in online blogging during the Wrath of the Lich King, I read a lot about WoW. One thing that interested me was a statistic (don’t trust it) that said that 80% of the female characters in the game are men (don’t believe it, how could anyone know). The motive, they said, was that a girl character would get random presents and carrys and more.

Well, I can be as girl crazy as the next guy. But I had zero interest in throwing gold at a girl character to impress him/her. Nor would I take that step to be a female character to try to gain some kind of advantage. It feels all wrong.

In the Cataclysm expansion, as I recall, a new toy came out called Kalytha’s Haunted Locket. It turned me into a female night elf with blue vagueness around me. I liked it because it was different. And then, and then, I noticed that the animations were very different and that they were my animations!

Well then, I decided to level a female character; my profession alt with alchemy and inscription. Yes, a night elf for the flip animation. And then, a female gnome and what a character she is! Feisty, determined, zeal for life; this is a very well animation-and-sound-designed character. And I love her, she is so much fun.

Now, there is talk of a gender change coming to the Barber Shop. And, I dunno. My male characters have always been male and mercenaries and adventurers with, well, I’d not call them back stories so much as attitude stories. Doing a gender change on my established toons would make no sense at all unless it was to do it just because I can.

Gender change is now a paid service. I’m guessing that if it will be shuttled to the Barber Shop that it would cost beaucoup bux.

So, I like being a male with a male character but I also enjoy being a girl.

Finally, if it is ringing a bell, I Enjoy Being a Girl is a song from Flower Drum Song. And if it is not ringing a bell, I’d not be surprised; the movie came out in 1961 and you’d have to be a kind of a fan of musicals to watch it.

Still, all learning is good and why not enjoy the terrific Nancy Kwan sing about being an Asian young woman in America in the time period.

Whoa, early 60s!

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