Good Morning, WoW!

If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.
Tallulah Bankhead

Good Morning, WoW!

At a comfy two million gold, I feel like I am ready for Shadowlands. While avoiding a lot of the datamining stuff, I am very curious why there is a castle! I read that they are doing raid testing in a castle and am wondering how and why a castle would exist in Shadowlands.


And, for me, no more herbing. The flask market has tanked. I have six cauldrons for our raid team. We kill N’zoth on Heroic on the first day now. So: much to my satisfaction, we are doing achievement runs.


Uldir was a walk in the park. I think we wiped once on the Dazar’alor raid on Jaina, we had to learn how to build a “Frosty Snowmon” for Snow Fun Allowed. And we did the first few on the Eternal Palace with some really silly achievements like on one boss you have to run around and around and around! Much laughter and groans.


All of this free time in WoW has lead to the pet achievements. They are designed to be a bit tedious, I think. While I use Xu Fu as a guide, I know that there are other sources when you face something and you don’t have the pet for their recipe.


New Title, Minion of Mayhem!


New toy which lets you channel and see through your battle pet’s eyes and you can run about for a small while. Good stuff.


And I have a new character to level, a Vulpera! A huge dose of cuteness and welcome here in early August.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning, WoW!

  1. You mentioned Vulpera.I have a hunter and a mage…Love them..such fun and when they sing about Dolly and Dot..adorable! I am also going thru banks, trying to sell to no avail…Appreciate all the good advice..Congrats to you and your guild on the beautiful mount…

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